Why Your School Needs A Digital Scoring Table From Boostr Digital Displays

Digital scoreboards are all the rave. In fact, digital anything is continually moving to the top in a number of industries and school sports are no different.

Whether it's basketball, volleyball, or another sport every game keeps score and every game needs a countdown clock. Yes, our digital scoring tables accomplish these basic tasks, but they also offer much more than your standard run-of-the-mill scoreboard.

Digital screen offers advertising with ease. Raise money for your team or school by running advertisements before the game starts and during half-time, timeouts, and other breaks. The monitor's crisp graphics display will leave your sponsors speechless, allowing their promotions to be witnessed by hundreds, thousands, and potentially millions of viewers depending on the scope of your school.

Access our unique coaching apps. Free coaching apps to use during practice come with every digital scoring table. The apps teach drills, offer basic and advanced skill exercises, plus a variety of other team-building activities your players and coaches will appreciate.

Show off your starting lineup. At the beginning of every game our digital scoring table provides the opportunity to showcase your team's starting lineup. Customize the line up with names, numbers, and photos to give your all-stars a boost of confidence the crowd will go wild for.

Manage all of this with just an Ipad! Our system is ridiculously easy to use. We include an Ipad with each digital scoring table that comes preloaded with everything you need, from the Game Clock to the Coaching Apps to the Patented Advertising Software Package and more.

Digital scoring tables from Boostr Digital Displays are a worthy investment. In fact, our research indicates that most tables end up paying for themselves within the first year! Our tables are conveniently available in four different sizes - 8 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot, and 20 foot - so you can select one that best fits your school's gym. Constructed with durable hardwood and safety glass to protect the screens our tables are built on wheels to make transporting them virtually effortless.

Your school and sports teams will thank you for providing such a valuable piece of equipment that not only encourages fundraising but builds team spirit. If you have any questions regarding our tables please contact us at Boostr Digital Displays.