Benefits of a Digital Scorer's Table for High School Sports Teams

Every coach wants the best for their team, but not every coach has the resources of a professional team, where no expense is spared for the betterment of their players. However, with today’s technology, it is easier than ever to make your players feel like they are playing in a college or pro program. A digital display from Boostr is an easy and cost-efficient way to bring your school’s athletics into the 21st century.


Digital displays are a great tool for coaches to use during practices. A coach with a Boostr product can:

  • Use the clock feature on the table to keep things running smoothly, ensuring that everybody gets from drill to drill on time.
  • Watch film from a previous game or practice. Athletes are often times visual learners, and being able to watch themselves is an important part of improving their game.


While a digital scorer’s table may seem like it is outside of the range of the average high school’s budget, the advertising capabilities of a Boostr product can help significantly defray the cost, and even begin to make money for your school. Depending on the model, there are a number of static sponsorship panels along the front of the table that can be sold to local businesses. The real beauty of a digital table, however, lies in the ability to sell rotating digital advertisements to be shown on the displays. Harold Hilliard, the Athletic Director at Trinity Presbyterian said, “We raised 20 thousand dollars in the first month without even having a real plan in place.” Imagine the money that could be raised for your school with a detailed, strategic fundraising plan.

High school coaches are often underpaid and underappreciated. They do what they do for the love of the game and their players. Help them help your students by giving them a proper coaching resource in a digital scorer’s table, while making money for your school as you do it—a win-win situation if there ever was one. Contact Boostr here to get more information on your school's next investment.

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