Sports are constantly evolving to make the games safer and to make games more entertaining for fans. In order to make the game more entertaining, one thing teams and facilities must keep up with is the digital age that is upon us. A digital scoring table from Boostr Digital Displays is the perfect way to boost your program to the next level and enhance the experience for fans.

A digital scoring table from Boostr is perfect for men's basketball and volleyball! The scoring table features a commercial grade high-definition screen with surrounding sponsorship panels. The solid wood frame construction is covered with high density foam pads and sits with an angled design for arena viewing. A Boostr scoring table does so much more than just keep score though.

They are full-motion video capable.

Watch full-motion videos with sound on the digital scoring table. Coaches will now have the benefit of showing game film and plays to players on the court during practice.

They offer easy advertising.

With the high-definition screen and sponsorship panels, a scoring table from Boostr makes it easy to offer a high-end advertising experience to local businesses. Teams will be able to offer still-frame and video ads before and after each game, along with ads during timeouts and breaks in the game. Most scoring tables pay for them self in just one year!

They allow you to display your starting lineup.

With the Boostr scoring table, you will be able to customize starting lineups with names, numbers, and photos of players to enhance the experience for fans in the crowd.

They enable you to draw up animated plays.

Boostr tables are compatible with any coaching software on the market. Instead of drawing up plays on a white board, draw them up on an iPad and show them court-side during practice.

Each Boostr digital scoring table comes with a pre-loaded iPad that has everything you need to get started. They are also available in four different sizes to fit your gym perfectly: 8 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot, and 20 foot. A Boostr scoring table is perfect for men's basketball, volleyball, and other sports, but wheels conveniently placed on the bottom of the board allow you to move it easily and use it in other places other than the gym. If you are interested in boosting your program to the next level, please contact us at Boostr Digital Displays.