Boost Your Boostr Display With Accessories and Ad-Ons

Already loving you Boostr Digital Display and looking to put some finishing touches on your score table? Boostr Displays has the perfect lineup of Accessories and Add-Ons to help you be game-ready this fall. Here are just a few of our featured Accessories and Add-Ons available.

Possession Arrow

Essential for any basketball scoring table. Help fans, officials, and scorers alike track the flow of the game with ease.

Score Table Covers

Give your score table a robust, professional appearance with our floor-length table covers. Table covers protect your table tops from wear-and-tear, conceal equipment and cables, and give a unified, neat appearance for your score table. Available is 6' and 8' cuts in length, compoundable to fit your exact table size.

Static Placard Sign

Give your sponsors prime court-side placement with our Placard Sign, fitted snugly alongside your Boostr Digital Display.

Score Table Top and Side Pads

An absolute must for explosive, high-octane indoor sports like basketball and volleyball. Protect your Boostr Digital Display, as well as players and game equipment with our thick foam-padded Top and Side Pads.

...And much, much more! Our other available Accessories and Ad-Ons include:

  • Table Top Power Strips
  • iPad 30 pin Adapters
  • Secure Lock Boxes
  • Extension Power Cords and HDMI Cords

We even offer backup iPads so you can interface with you Boostr Digital Display remotely on game-day or in practice!

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