Raising Money for the Booster Club with Boostr Digital Displays

Every school year, booster clubs come up with various creative ways to help raise money for their programs. While these planned events and fundraisers are great for bringing in revenue and connecting with the community, even more funds can be generated utilizing the advertising space offered on a Boostr Digital Display at school sporting events.

Schools can take full advantage of the digital board by selling advertising space to local businesses or national brands wanting to target their messages towards the local high school sports fan. Several different advertisers can rotate throughout the event, or a specific advertiser can remain visible next to the digital score display as a sponsor; various package and contract offerings will only increase your school's earning potential.

Of course, because the boards are digital, new advertisers and sponsors may be added at any time, so there could be no set sales deadlines to meet before the start of a specific season. Businesses purchasing this space will appreciate the ability to provide the perfect message to their target audience, whether it is the student athlete, parent, or avid sports fan in attendance. These messages are displayed as either a still frame or video ad.

While the Boostr Digital Display is generally used for high school basketball games, they are useful with other sports, as well, such as volleyball. This can also increase the earnings potential by displaying advertisers with the sport of their choosing or across all events depending on the advertising packages and contracts your school or club offers.

If your school's booster club is ready to increase its earning potential and discover more about the various displays offered from Boostr Digital Displays, contact us. today.