Why Women's Sports are so Important to Us

Title IX was put into effect almost half a century ago, but promoting young women's sports in an equal fashion to men's is still a broad American issue. According to this article written by Alia Wong, there is still a drastic disparity between men's and women's sports across much of this country. Parents want to see their boys and their girls succeed in any way they can, and sports, especially in this country, are a reliable gateway to furthering education. Sports are an extra-curricular, but they hold a certain place in the American heart, which is why college scholarships and even the reason for acceptance to a college, are so often based on a child's ability on the playing field or gym floor.

It is undeniable that sports are a staple of the American high school lifestyle, and that they can open doors for children who excel in them. For high school coaches and their teams, it is often a constant struggle to keep a team financially supported with the right equipment and uniforms. Boostr is here to help these teams and individual athletes see greater opportunities.

Boostr offers a unique product that is not just a digital scoreboard. With Boostr's products, coaches get a bundle-type deal. The scoreboard not only emulates a professional sports arrangement for their home game spirit, but it has a number of extra features that can help organize plays and lineups as well as make money to further support the team. The app that comes with Boostr's scoreboard products helps coach teach new drills and skills to get ready for the big game. The team can also sell space for advertisements to further support their team financially.

Support your young women towards their dreams of becoming basketball stars at their first choice college. Boostr's unique scoreboard will bring the team closer together, help them train harder, and allow extra financial support for years to come. This is truly an investment worth making.