1. Can Boostr Digital Displays help my booster club raise more money? +

Absolutely. Because our boards are digital or LED, you can rotate as many sponsors and advertisers as you want. You can also sell both still frame and video ads to your sponsors and add sponsors throughout the season.


2. Do schools keep the advertising money? +

Yes. We even offer a national program that will pay schools extra dollars to run ads for national companies in the Boostr partner network.


3. Do I need to be good with technology to use a Boostr Digital Display? +

Nope. All Boostr Digital Displays are set up for easy use. Each display comes with a pre-loaded iPad® that already has everything you need to get started. If you can work your phone, you can work our tables.


4. How advanced are the coaching tools that come with Boostr Digital Displays? +

Boostr is owned and operated by high school coaches. We built our coaching platform with your needs in mind. The coaching tools allow you to do everything from diagraming plays to showing game film. And, if you already have a favorite coaching app that you use, you can always add it to the Boostr system.


5. Are Boostr Digital Displays just for basketball? +

Absolutely not. We have clients who use our boards for everything from volleyball and wrestling to graduations. The great thing about Boostr Boards is that they are easy to customize and versatile for lots of different situations. And because they are on wheels, they are not even limited to the gym. Some of our clients move their Boostr boards all over the school.


6. What happens if I have a problem with my Boostr Product? +

All Boostr Digital Displays are under warranty for the first year. If anything breaks or needs to be replaced within the first year, we will provide repair for free. Once your Display is out of warranty, we also offer replacement parts at a minimal cost. If you have a technical problem with your board, you can call our support hotline.


7. How are the tables shipped? +

All Boostr Digital Displays are shipped in protective wooden crates and delivered via freight delivery.


8. What’s Included? +

  • One 60” digital screen / graphics package provided
  • All connectors and electrical connections
  • Safety pads for protection (Multiple pad colors available)
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Safety glass protects digital screen
  • Wheels allow easy transport
  • iPad
  • Coaching apps
  • Scoreboards
  • Game clocks
  • Starting lineup programs